Technology Trends Transforming Customer Experience


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Technology is a fundamental pillar of customer service design in today’s contemporary CX environment. With innovative digital tools, marketers will find it easy to deliver excellent Customer Experience (CX)

However, according to Customer Experience and customer contact study by industry analysts Frost & Sullivan, “About 75% of businesses find implementing CX technologies on a large scale difficult.”

Today’s customer journeys must be planned to create and preserve a fruitful, long-term relationship. Brands must leverage modern tools and technologies to transform their customer experience to thrive in any market.

Undoubtedly, digital transformation has played the most significant role in disrupting customer experience strategies. Today, no enterprise can survive without transforming digitally. It is a minefield of digital tools, and companies need to be very wary of their adoption as well as use.

Digital technologies and tools have provided brands with the advantage of two-way conversations. While connecting with customers to deliver their message, they have also enabled feedback, which can deliver critical insights. These data points then help marketers craft on-point marketing strategies much better than with any other information.

This value addition has gone a long way in personalizing their messaging.

This has single-handedly made a massive difference in how brands connect with customers. In this way, they significantly enhance a brand’s capacity to deliver top-notch customer experience.  Companies that have already digitized have an advantage over those that have not.

That’s why brands must have a solid grasp of their business and its objectives, and invest in relevant tools in time. In particular, for customer experience (CX), it stands out as a more significant differentiator between brands than things like cost or product quality.

Innovations in technology that are transforming the CX environment

Here is a summary of some of the technological advancements that will most significantly affect the customer experience in the years to come.


Using AR/VR tools, some typical customer interaction routines can take an intriguing new turn. It will fundamentally alter how users evaluate or preview various products.

This also applies to product launches. Customers will find it much easier to decide whether or not to want a product once they can see it in 3D and understand exactly what it offers.

Many new CX-focused technologies aim to enhance self-service and reduce the need for physical stores and labor-intensive human labor.

According to an Oracle and ESG research report, The Impact of Emerging Technology on CX Excellence, “84% think that virtual and augmented reality experiences will have a greater impact on CX in the next five years than traditional, in-person ones.”

Self-Service Platforms (SSP) as Customer Experience technology

Self-service platforms have evolved into a crucial CX technology used to provide exceptional customer experiences. This is the reason why this type of platform offers complete real-time control and information access.

Customers can now use SSPs directly for their queries instead of depending on others to find the required information.

This technology allows users to have total access, visibility, and control over their data usage, spending, connectivity, account information, and billings.

Self-service platforms are now necessary for CX management in this way. A self-service platform is more than just a way to help customers; it’s also a way to meet their needs and desires while empowering them to take charge of them. Customers are given authority and control over it.


Another technology that has many uses now and even more potential in the future is Blockchain. Its general appeal stems from its ability to decentralize traditionally centralized processes, even though its mechanism is too complicated to discuss here.

But it’s important to note that Blockchain offers a fresh and promising take on data security in the context of CX. It is effective since based on decentralization, which makes the system far more secure.

Data protection is crucial in a world where sensitive customer information is constantly in jeopardy, and cybersecurity breaches occur frequently. No marketer can take data privacy lightly, given the stringent data privacy regulations and laws.

According to PWC, Customer Experience is Everything Study, “Up to 59% of brands firmly concur that maintaining consumer data security is the most crucial element in offering a positive customer experience.”

Blockchain adds a layer of security for customers’ data, which helps brands and the markets. With higher data security, customers can trust the brand better with their data and preferences. This is an added advantage for customer experience as well.

Blockchain also adds smart contracts to the mix of features. Using Blockchain, brands can guarantee a more rapid, affordable, and safe method of conducting financial transactions without involving third parties.


Brands must consider innovative CX technologies to improve their customer experience management. Digital tools and technologies have numerous advantages for enhancing the client experience in a company.

Businesses can gain vital insights into the demographics and behaviors of their customers with the help of CX technology. These insights help companies meet their customer’s needs and desires while enhancing the customer experience and boosting revenue and customer retention.

Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra is a global news correspondent at OnDot media, with over six years of experience in the field. Specializing in technology journalism encompassing enterprise tech, marketig automation, and marketing technologies, Swapnil has established herself as a trusted voice in the industry. Having collaborated with various media outlets, she has honed her skills in content strategy, executive leadership, business strategy, industry insights, best practices, and thought leadership. As a journalism graduate, Swapnil possesses a keen eye for editorial detail and a mastery of language, enabling her to deliver compelling and informative news stories. She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for breaking down complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand language.


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