Reasons Why Conversational AI is Inevitable in Digital Marketing


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Conversational AI could be a voice assistant, a voice-enabled device, or a chatbot on the brand website that customers can communicate with. Using natural language processing (NLP), conversational AI offers meaningful suggestions or opinions aligning with the customer queries that help achieve a context-dependent goal.

Conversational AI processes vast data, learns from interactions, and improves response quality. It can automate several tasks performed by humans minimizing costs and human errors. It delivers robust customer engagement, satisfaction, and experience. More importantly, it offers a personalized experience by recalling customer preferences and helping them 24/7 without human agents. Here are a few reasons why conversational AI is crucial in digital marketing.

Customer Analysis, Engagement, and Retention

Conversational AI automatically collects insights and analyzes customer habits, allowing markets to resolve future questions better or upsell customers with additional products or services.

At the same time, conversational AI-powered chatbots engage leads in real time, increasing the likeability of lead conversion into potential customers. This allows marketers to rapidly reach customers to offer special deals, targeted messages, and coupons. This will convince the customers to stay engaged and loyal to the brand.

Email Marketing and Social Media Outreach

NLP-based AI helps marketers deliver personalized email marketing campaigns as per user behavior. This allows marketers to send emails triggered only when a customer performs specific actions. At the same time, it helps content personalization, enabling marketers to enhance email campaigns and elevate the results. Conversational AI allows businesses to reach the right audiences effectively while ensuring that only relevant, purposeful, and engaging content is delivered.

Furthermore, conversational AI-powered chatbots scale social media efforts by readily addressing customer queries and automating customer outreach. It can seamlessly monitor social media profiles for comments, messages, and responses by enquiring about customer requirements, offering additional insights, and upselling products or services to current customers. It can connect social media and landing pages while helping maintain an active social media presence at a minimal cost or time.

Brand Mention Monitoring and Personalized Marketing

Conversational AI flawlessly integrates with current brand tracking software, allowing marketers to track and monitor ongoing online brand discussions rapidly, giving marketers an understanding of how the audiences interact with the brand’s products or services. This unveils crucial reputation management opportunities. Obtaining and maintaining a personal connection with customers takes effort. However, audiences are likelier to purchase products or services when achieved.

Traditional marketing efforts often fail to establish trust and affinity and build customer advocates. Conversational AI offers a “human” way for marketers to engage with customers and prospects.

Conversational AI-powered chatbots utilize the insights collected from the brand website, past interactions, and back-end systems to offer a robust personalized experience. This allows the chatbots to recommend products or services that resonate with the user’s interest level, background, and requirements.

Helps in Market Analyses

Marketers gain vital insights while talking to potential customers. Interestingly, businesses might be able to determine how broad the market is. Conversational AI utilizes these insights to gauge customer sentiments and helps companies procure data on common queries and customer challenges, allowing marketers to strategize on enhancements to the customer experience.

Lower Cart Abandonment Rates

When a prospective customer abandons a planned online purchase in its final phase, it infuriates businesses. Moving the prospects through each level of a sales funnel gets complicated with each marketing stage and sales, viewing accelerated customer attrition. Conversational AI efficiently helps combat shopping cart abandonment by providing a straightforward pop-up chat message enquiring whether or not the prospect is having any issues during the purchasing events. It also offers a limited timeline for purchase or an additional discount for reluctant buyers.

Frees Up Resources

Conversational AI is a crucial asset to marketing operations that enable computers to perform low-skill, time-consuming processes that always need human involvement. Any department within the business can benefit from AI since it effectively frees up resources in the labor market. Conversational AI tools process time-consuming, redundant, low-hanging tasks that allow humans to aim at mission-critical and complex analytical work.

Reduces Operational Time and Costs While Enhancing CSAT and CLV

Conversational AI saves time for the personnel that is working in customer service. It minimizes customer support calls and emails considerably, helping marketers save efforts to resolve tasks on priority and redundant customer queries. It also saves hiring and training employee costs for the customer experience department. At the same time, it allows businesses to wholly or partially automate tasks.

Robust customer engagement brings intense customer satisfaction. Conversational AI accelerates customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores for the brand and customer lifetime value (CLV). It can help companies with an elevated higher customer retention rate and loyalty if adequately configured.

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Efficient Data Collection and Analysis

Businesses can track and monitor their improvement in customer experience. There is a chance of missing data with human agents, but data analytics is more accessible with conversational AI. It offers businesses a separate analytics and insights dashboard to understand the time scale of customer sessions and other metrics like the number of reviews, messages, and ratings. Interestingly, marketers can also get it customized as per their choice.

Chatbots significantly improve customers’ journeys and effortlessly scale engagement efforts. They elevate the ROI from marketing campaigns and liberate inbound leads. Integrating the benefits of AI in digital marketing processes is unending. As per a recent report by Markets and Markets, “Conversational AI Market Global Forecast to 2028”, the conversational AI market is forecasted to grow to USD 29.8 billion by 2028 globally at a CAGR of 22.6%

With a growing market and rapid accessibility of conversational AI to all businesses, it has become a significant part of digital marketing efforts. It focuses on offering reliability and precision during each task and offers adequate and consistent search results to make meaningful decisions.

Apoorva Kasam
Apoorva Kasam
Apoorva Kasam is a Global News Correspondent with OnDot Media. She has done her master's in Bioinformatics and has 18 months of experience in clinical and preclinical data management. She is a content-writing enthusiast, and this is her first stint writing articles on business technology. She specializes in marketing technology. Her ideal and digestible writing style displays the current trends, efficiencies, challenges, and relevant mitigation strategies businesses can look forward to. She is looking forward to exploring more technology insights in-depth.


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