Unveiling the Potential of QR Codes to Modify Customer Experiences


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Good customer service is necessary for companies today to stand strong in the current hyper-competitive market. QR codes bring opportunities to drive more customer engagement and improve experiences.

Companies are using QR codes in how customers engage in marketing today. Businesses are adopting technologies to implement codes for seamless customer services. They simplify their task and give customers simplified ways to interact with brands.

According to Future Market Insights report QR Code Labels Market, the QR code market anticipates registering US$ 3.5 billion by 2033. The market is growing at 8.7% CAGR. The industry expects to gain value at US$ 1.5 billion by 2023.

As the adoption continues, enterprises have more opportunities to drive new interactions among new and existing customers. This will improve the overall customer experience.

Convenience is Key

Thanks to technological advances, QR codes are becoming a key to conveniently getting information and being easy to use.

Insider Intelligence report QR Codes Forecast and Trends 2022 suggests that the number of US smartphone users scanning a QR code will rise from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025.

The increase is due to convenience. Also, due to the increased ubiquity of advertisements, QR codes are becoming useful in improving CX. They will help brands to monitor and measure customer-driven activities throughout their journey.

Also, customers get easy ways to reach brands and connect. However, to use them, it is important to ensure that codes include the tracking information to gather relevant data. Accurate codes offer more flexibility.

Here are a few key use cases for improving CX:

Providing QR Codes to Give Feedback

Adding codes to products and services helps customers to give feedback about their experiences during their buying journey. Marketers can provide codes during marketing activities, including customer interaction, product information, and relevant information.

These activities will help brands gather customer data to provide customized offers in the next buying cycle phase. Individualized codes catch immediate customer attention.

Brands can provide them with every marketing asset to keep delivering exceptional CX. This way, brands also get faster feedback and responses, boosting ROI.

Giving Complete User Information

Unlike physical products, online products also require detailed instructions and information for customers to understand. The codes provide faster access to get product information. Information can be in the form of text or video. These activities ensure that customers seamlessly gain information, thus improving their experiences.

Giving Offers to Loyal Customers

QR codes for products and services link customers to get excellent offers. They are designed for loyal and the most engaged customers. This marketing activity boosts customer engagement and encourages staying connected for more products and services.

QR codes also boost the usability of products. The links also include other relevant or more services for customers to buy more. These activities keep customers on websites for a long time, resulting in more page views and click-through rates.

Generate Interactions at various Customer Journey Stages

Marketers can link QR codes to encourage customer interactions at every buying stage. Brands can strategize how they want their customers to engage throughout their buying journeys. This will help brands to enhance customer experiences at scale.

QR codes allow marketers to track data effectively and gain analytics through these use cases. This way, brands can understand how many customers scanned the code, location, and devices used by using Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

As a result, they can analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strategize more efforts to use QR codes. If successful, marketers can use more codes to support marketing, sales and improve CX.

Include QR Code Campaigns

Distribution of the codes to customers across online platforms and physical events can increase customer engagement. The codes may include quick links to download apps, connecting on social media, promotion of events, invitations to webinars, and more.

These activities can achieve a high customer experience with the brand and its campaigns. Also, such seamless experiences through the codes give them solutions to their demand.

Designing Efficient QR Codes

The virtual appeal of QR codes is important to encourage customers to use them. The designing elements such as size and color impact the scanning efficiency. The QR images must be designed well so that a digital image sensor reads it.

Also, marketers need to include accurate data and links. These will provide a seamless path for customers to reach websites and social accounts directly and faster.

For instance, Instagram includes a high-scanning QR code with smooth performance for users for account logins. Apple has high sensor-driven cameras that recognize codes faster. Properly designed QR codes can be the key to driving tangible marketing results.

Best Practices

QR codes have wide applications if they are appropriately used in marketing strategies. Here are some best practices to boost CX.

Align QR Codes Across Marketing Strategy

Marketers must include them equally across the strategies to enhance customer experiences. It can be a helpful tool to generate leads from websites, products, and social sites. It should contain information per the strategy set to give a good experience.

Contact information, product information, offers, and entry pass for webinars are some links to include in the codes.

Branding Purposes

Adding a code within branding marketing shows the potential as a valuable branding asset. Marketers can use them to grow brand recognition among customers in creative ways. This way, marketers can engage customers with multiple events that help with brand recognition.

Add CTAs with QR Code

Marketers can boost CX by adding a call to action (CTA) with the code. CTAs will attract customers to scan codes for ads or promotions.

Use Dynamic QR Codes

Marketers must generate dynamic QR codes. With this, they can update particular event or product information and URL without getting the new ones.

Additionally, scans on dynamic QR codes are trackable. Such codes allow marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of QR code campaigns.

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Begin Adding an Impactful QR Code to Improve CX

With some of its use cases, it’s also important to acknowledge the potential of consumer-generated codes.

However, this requires companies to invest in QR tech and build strong customer experience strategies. By using the codes, companies can enhance engagement with the target audience.

Also, they can provide them with a good brand experience by driving them to websites and other channels directly.

Most importantly, marketers must ensure the codes are relevant, scannable, and provide value to audiences.

Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya is a Senior Editor with Ondot Media, where she covers stories on B2B business technology strategies and corporate technology culture. She is a quality-oriented professional writer with eight years of experience. She has been curating content for the B2B industry, and her writing style is inclined toward how businesses want to perceive information about emerging digital transformations and technology developments in the markketing landscape. Anushree blends the best information on trending marketing technology-driven stories and is proficient in curating information-driven stories about all marketing technology for TalkMarTech publication.


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