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MarTech is becoming a vital element of all marketing activities. This means that businesses need to embrace technological aspects to remain competitive. To help them with this, they need to know about the latest MarTech trends booming in 2023 and will remain effective until 2025 and beyond.

In Salesforce Marketing Automation research, Deloitte found that marketing is experiencing an AI revolution. Marketers anticipate their AI use will grow more than 50% by 2025. This marketing technology revolution will help them deliver more targeted campaigns, innovative personalization, and higher ROI.

While technology changes faster, organizations take time to adapt. MarTech can bridge the gap by helping them align with customers’ expectations. Marketing technology tools give marketers the access and speed to initiate changes when required. To embrace faster marketing technology changes, CMOs must grasp the booming MarTech trends in 2023, which will stay impactful until 2025 & beyond.

Rising MarTech Trends

Metaverse will Buildup to Meet Market Uncertainty

Various brands are adopting the metaverse, and technology giants are investing significantly in its platforms. Brands aim to create exciting hybrid physical-digital marketing experiences for customers. AI and ML will boost marketing experiences in 2023 and years to come.

Although adopting the metaverse may take some time, leading brands have begun reworking their marketing strategies. Brands will boost investments in technology through future collaborations and partnerships with tech giants.

McKinsey in Marketing in the Metaverse report mentions that in 2021, metaverse-driven companies raised $10 billion to invest in metaverse technology to bring virtual or augmented-reality technology.

Consumer Data Management Will be a Key Investment

Companies may continue or increase investment into data management as a critical priority for 2023. Investing in updated technology, such as customer data platforms (CDPs), will also grow. CDP is attracting a virtual MarTech space due to its core capability of focusing on first-party data. As Google has already prepared to end third-party cookies, CDP will soon be a top priority for marketers.

CMOs will invest more into the platform to gain more first-party data. Adopting CDP will require brands to have a data strategy to begin with. However, first-party data collection and using a CDP will strengthen the brands’ pursuit of customer experiences to build brand loyalty.

ChatBots will Grow               

As business competitiveness today is data-based, brands and marketers will focus on chatbots for more data collection. Customers are becoming more interactive with brands, ensuring that brands invest more in primarily installing chatbots on websites and applications. Chatbots will boost customer engagement and interaction. It will also serve as one of the direct communication tools for marketers and sales to gain customer insights and data.

The research, CX Trends 2023 by CX Trends, finds that 70% of consumers engage more with brands that offer personalized and seamless customer experiences. Chatbots are the practical and ready response channel to deliver such CX. The instant act of mentions and direct messages have changed the course of chatbot usage for social messaging and customer care. Chatbots are available round the clock. Due to this, marketers and brands will be able to service more customers whenever they need help.

Scheduling Marketing Tools Demand will Increase.

Marketers will need to schedule marketing tools in 2023 and will need them for years to come. Strategic content on websites and social media platforms will be essential to marketing plans. Customers prefer interacting with brands in a definite time. That time scale is imperative for brands and marketers to engage maximum customers and audiences to products and services.

Brands must now strategize and use software to determine when to post campaigns to get customers. For example, installing DOM, a social listening and analytics tool, will help collect data from social media. The tool can also explore the time duration that gets the most attention.

That also ensures that marketers know about social media scheduling. It is a MarTech niche scheduling tool. Many social media scheduling tools are growing faster. And like other SaaS products, these tools can help marketers to gain potentially high-profit margins. These tools have the advanced ability to recycle previous posts automatically and post them after scheduling them.

Email Marketing Automation will Rise

One of the biggest marketing technology trends for 2023 and beyond is the rapid growth of email service providers (ESPs). The trend is rising with the growing number of niche email service providers capturing the market. Rather than a one size fits all approach tool, the advanced niche email marketing platforms will focus on all functions under one roof.

Marketers can also send personalized emails for specific needs in frequency and format to customers. The advanced email platforms will likely support generative AI to produce human language texts to send customers automatically at the right time. Over the next decade, marketers will probably combine their audiences on emails and send them campaigns, offers, new launches, and more to keep customers engaged throughout their buying journey.

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Ad Campaign Automation Will Take a Hold

Automation will be used increasingly for advertisements.   This MarTech trend will pressure brands to adopt automation software for advertising campaign management. This will change the face of online ads and how customers perceive them. Specifically, automated bidding and programmatic ads will be more on different channels.

AI will run automated ad campaigns in the future. Moreover, ad creatives will also take the help of generative AI to understand customers’ demands faster and more accurately. The ad campaign automation will also help in proper ad management, scheduling of ads, and conducting tests to find the right target audience from every social media and other channels.

Consequently, marketing automation eases customized content for customers, reach them at the right time, and identifies accurate customers for the planned campaign.

Ultimate 2023’s MarTech Trend to Continue

MarTech improvements and advancements will keep coming. There will be more new solutions to MarTech’s unfolded challenges for brands. The real skill will be continuous learning about how to adapt and integrate relevant new tech into the business. For that to happen, marketers must know how to upgrade critical marketing technology knowledge and brush skills to stay competitive.

This will also force marketers to become more data-competent. Every employee must know that data is a democratized asset and pervades every aspect of the marketing effort.

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