Enhancing Martech: 13 Innovative AI-Powered Tools


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The integration of AI in martech has made it possible for marketers to make more accurate predictions about aggregate data and specific user behaviour.

Many MarTech businesses have recently started adding artificial intelligence to their platforms. However, despite some significant announcements and well-known product marketing touting this technology, the use of AI in the marketing sector is still in its early stages. Or, to put it another way, AI has not yet completely transformed many fields. However, several indicators suggest marketers will eventually realize AI’s enormous potential in MarTech.

The technology should transition from a niche novelty to an essential component of marketing operations with the rapid advancements in intelligent text generation, customer segmentation, and campaign optimization.

Even though MarTech AI has only recently emerged, marketers have seen significant advancements in this field over the past few years

Prediction models that can process large datasets have been made possible by AI and machine learning systems. This has made it possible for marketers to make more accurate predictions about aggregate data and specific user behavior, including the likelihood that any given person will convert based on a pattern of previous behavior or purchases.

The development of AI marketing technologies

These innovations will likely transition from being a flashy novelty to a marketing mainstay as martech matures and businesses advance in their use of AI. A few areas—mostly conversion optimization and the detection of outliers have already seen the impact.

Long-form content creation, campaign optimization, and customer segmentation are three areas where AI-powered martech will cause disruption and spur growth, but as technology advances, marketing professionals innovate in how they use that technology.

Applications of AI in marketing concentrate on a few main areas. Another area where AI has developed into a very potent tool that has assisted businesses in finding outliers in significant data sets is anomaly detection.

This fact potentially reveals previously unnoticed patterns while also letting marketing companies know which customer data they can safely ignore when preparing for upcoming campaigns.

Another encouraging development is the increasing use of chatbots, which can assist marketing teams with customer service, answer frequently asked questions, or even market products and close customer sales. Chatbots are useful resources for laying the groundwork for gathering preliminary data from a new customer or business partner.

In marketing technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is proliferating everywhere. Although it has long been a feature of many products, the introduction of ChatGPT made it a hot topic. As a result, users hear about more AI-powered solutions daily.

The following is a list of some recent additions:

Latest releases in the AI-powered marketing technology

Automattic: To improve its WordPress.com content management system, Automattic added an AI assistant. Users can incorporate an “AI Assistant” block into their content to generate text in response to prompts, alter the tone, produce structured lists and summaries, offer heading suggestions, and translate into 12 languages. Additionally, it works with all websites that utilize Jetpack.

Phrasee: The Content Engine from Phrasee is a content assistant that combines the power of large language models with the company’s controlled natural language generation.

Aprimo: The AI Content Coach from Aprimo revises drafts and creates content variations based on the target audience, target language, tone, and other distinctive organizational characteristics. Additionally, it can train or retrain various GPT models using the carefully curated and diverse collections of assets that customers have stored in their digital asset management system. It can also offer quick answers about products and services to sales, HR, and customer success teams.

Act-on: Act-On AI from Act-On Software Emails can be created, polished, and added to templates for marketers along with optional subject lines.

Conversica: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is now integrating Conversica’s AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants. This collaboration will enable users to target and hone their SMS and email messages. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization customers can also use these assistants to deliver offers, product recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell campaigns in a platform that simulates two-way human communication.

AffinityX: The Chat to Conversion tool from AffinityX uses generative AI to help companies interact with customers and monitor conversions across various channels. It also simplifies integrations between various channels, including voice, SMS, Facebook, voice, and Google Business.

Kouo: The emotion analytics technology from Kouo, powered by AI, offers insights into how users interact with products and the underlying emotions that motivate their actions. It enables product teams to decide on feature development in an informed manner, which results in observable improvements in important business metrics.

Kokai: Kokai from The Trade Desk uses AI to automate programmatic ad buying. Predictive clearing, which ensures traders place bids at the right level, KPI scoring, upgrading measurement, and forecasting, increasing resilience even without identifiers, budget optimization, and predictive clearing are all features it can offer.

Enlighten: The AI-powered CX platform from NICE now has three new features. Enlighten Copilot for staff members offers users precise, brand-specific responses; Enlighten Autopilot for customers is a chatbot; and Enlighten Actions for CX leaders identifies and utilizes the best opportunities for automation.

Jasper: Users of Jasper’s Jasper Campaigns can quickly create an entire campaign from a brief. It makes a consistent brand voice across various channels and enriches data models with company information and brand identity.

Appy Pie: The no-code app creator has recently integrated the free ChatGPT plugin to assist users in building conversational AI apps for Android and iOS. The plugin is accessible to all ChatGPT Plus users and is powered by GPT-4. It enables those who want to create an app to do so by outlining the functionality they need from the app. The user can test and modify the new app in the Appy Pie App Builder platform after the app is automatically created based on the prompts.

Web solutions: GoDaddy unveiled three new services that use generative AI to assist users in creating online store product descriptions, customer service messages, and ads for Facebook and Instagram. Web.com has introduced two new AI-powered tools to help small business customers choose and purchase the perfect domain name and create website content.

ZoomInfo: The company’s Chorus conversational intelligence platform has recently introduced Post-Meeting Briefs through its go-to-market strategy. Utilizing generative AI, Post-Meeting Briefs produce actionable business meeting summaries highlighting key moments and takeaways.

Recent progress in AI-powered marketing

Marketing agencies of all sizes will be able to optimize business processes and free up staff members’ time to work on higher-value projects as machine learning technologies continue to advance quickly.

Marketers are on the verge of a new wave of AI-powered Martech. Companies that don’t join the bandwagon right away risk falling behind. In a sense, the potential for using AI in the marketing sector is still very much untapped. It makes sense to use AI as part of MarTech initiatives right now just for this reason.

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