How Video Marketing Sets B2B Brands Apart


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By effectively planning marketing communications through visuals and audio, marketers can set their brand apart from competitors in the B2B market.

The B2B (business-to-business) marketing industry has changed dramatically. With the shift to remote work and fewer in-person events and interactions, a lot of B2B interaction is now done online.

B2B marketers are using digital strategies to connect with professionals online. Video marketing is becoming more crucial in the B2B market to attract attention.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that video marketing is critical to any marketing plan. Yet very few business owners and marketers know how effective it can be and how much more focus it can bring to their brand.

Here are some strategic approaches you should consider to start video marketing and leverage it successfully.

Integrating Video Marketing in the B2B Sector

B2B marketing has two active components-  sales activation and brand building. Sales activation refers to a short-term strategy that targets potential customers. Brand building is a long-term strategy to target an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand.

This is where B2B video marketing comes into play, as it offers advertisers both immediate and long-term advantages.

B2B marketers can reach professionals right where they are by utilizing digital channels. 

While B2B marketers have many options, video channels can potentially differentiate any brand from the crowd.

US advertisers spent USD 62.96 billion on this programmatic digital video in 2022, up from USD 52.17 billion in 2021

, according to an eMarketer study.

By 2023, spending on video production is projected to increase to USD 74.88 billion. More than 20% growth year over year indicates that marketers are becoming more aware of and interested in the value of video.

Marketers are increasingly embracing video marketing for B2B. They are capitalizing on this format’s distinctive abilities to stand out and attract the right audiences.

Types of Video Marketing

Marketing videos can accomplish numerous different tasks. The most important types of B2B video that businesses should take into account are as follows:

  • Explanatory video:Especially for B2B, the advantages of the goods or services are frequently only apparent after some time. Videos with clear explanations can help to make benefits clear. Animations or visuals may support the speaker’s information.
  • Product film:The focus of this video is also on the product. However, this video has an advertisement’s look and feel, highlighting the key selling points and product claims.
  • Image film:A company and its employees are profiled in an image film to boost trust, credibility, and authenticity. A professional should produce such a movie. It could last up to 10 minutes and stir good feelings in the viewer.
  • Event film:Any event, including exhibitions, congresses, and celebrations, can be documented on camera and used as the basis for a subsequent report. As a result, attendees remember the company, and absentees can understand what to expect at upcoming events.
  • Webinar: It is an online seminar that is streamed live. Speakers and viewers assemble in a fictitious conference room in this live video. Later, the video can be posted on the company website or blog.

Benefits of Video Marketing for B2B Businesses

Here are some well-known advantages of B2B video marketing.

  • Boosts conversion rates

You can anticipate a higher conversion rate when using video to spread your marketing message than other types of content. Video content encourages people to click on your CTAs because it is more compelling and draws more visitors.

  • Increases Credibility

You greatly increase the credibility of the messages you want to convey to your audience by sharing your brand message through video content.

Additionally, storytelling is extremely credible. Marketers must have storytelling skills to build brand credibility.

  • Improves the Onboarding Experience

A B2B marketing strategy can benefit from including video content. Video content lowers bounce rates and extends visitor stays. This is because users are likelier to interact with video content on a website than plain text or audio. This will enable you to increase the typical duration of a user’s visit to your website.

  • Strengthens the message of your brand

Understanding that your video will reach a sizable audience is crucial. You can include influencers in your videos and use their extended social network to strengthen your brand’s message.

As a result, the brand message will look stronger than other content types.

  • Promote Your Blog

An individual blog post or a blog series can be promoted using videos. To give users useful content, you can even repurpose earlier blog posts. Your blog content can reach a wide audience by highlighting key points in succinct, interesting videos.

  • Enhances Your Site’s SEO

The text and title of a video should contain keywords that improve the search engine ranking of your web pages. A video may be instructive and pertinent to a search topic. The higher a web page appears in search engine results pages (SERPs), the more relevant they are to particular searches.

  • Compatible with all devices

Anyone, on any device, can share and watch video content. There is a better chance of increasing exposure and sales with a video because it is an easily accessible format.

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  • Enhances Email Marketing

Your email marketing can benefit from video marketing as well. Videos are a great way to establish trust with your audience. Your chances of getting a click-through rate may increase due to this trust, which will benefit your email marketing efforts.

  • Saves time

Since video content can be streamed in real-time and is significantly shorter than only text-based content types, it is much simpler to create and distribute. Then, you can advertise and disseminate it using any social media platform.

  • Facilitates Better Understanding of Information

Video can be useful for promoting business values and teaching important concepts because it is simple. The best chance for information retention is provided by video content because viewers are more likely to remember more when information is presented in an engaging visual format.

With evolving visual technologies and the availability of other tools like AR and VR, B2B video marketing is one of the strongest tools in the marketing arsenal.

Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra is a global news correspondent at OnDot media, with over six years of experience in the field. Specializing in technology journalism encompassing enterprise tech, marketig automation, and marketing technologies, Swapnil has established herself as a trusted voice in the industry. Having collaborated with various media outlets, she has honed her skills in content strategy, executive leadership, business strategy, industry insights, best practices, and thought leadership. As a journalism graduate, Swapnil possesses a keen eye for editorial detail and a mastery of language, enabling her to deliver compelling and informative news stories. She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for breaking down complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand language.


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