How Tech Trends Don’t Guarantee Better Customer Experience


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When marketers are chasing cutting-edge technological trends, they might completely lose track of the needs of their target audiences.

The metaverse is a new and exciting example of a digital trend. It makes sense that many retailers are scrambling to be the first to use the latest digital spaces. However, when marketers are chasing cutting-edge technological trends, they might completely lose track of the needs of their target audiences. That’s a problem, especially in a market where customers are more willing to try new brands than ever before. Brands should first make sure they’re providing the best possible customer experience on their owned channels rather than heavily investing in the latest technology.

Before refocusing their energy and resources on unproven media or technologies, marketers must address customer experience (CX) fundamentals. Fortunately, returning to the fundamentals doesn’t have to be complicated.

It all comes down to following one straightforward guideline: never lose sight of the customers. This three-step framework can help marketing teams refresh their memory of the fundamentals and re-establish contact with customers.

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Focus on the objectives and issues of customers

Marketers must first step back and realize that every customer is just someone trying to achieve a goal to provide the best customer experience. Behavioral analytics and user research are good places for marketing teams to start. Asking customers directly via surveys, focus groups, and even social media threads is the best way to find out what they want.

Analyze available behavioral data, such as customer click-through, exploration, and engagement rates, to delve deeper. Analyze the site analytics to find the most popular exit pages and fix any problems. To identify standard stumbling blocks, track call and chat abandonment rates and examine relevant conversations with sales or customer service representatives.

Put ease first

Marketers can focus on ways to make it simpler for each customer to achieve their goals once they clearly understand what those goals are. This could involve improving the website’s searchability, streamlining the checkout process, integrating chat, adding product recommendations, and customizing the website’s content. To enhance the customer experience, all businesses should review and fix these common goals, which are low-hanging fruit. Both customers and brands benefit more from a simpler customer experience.

On the other end, failing to address customer experience pain points can drive away customers and reduce a brand’s revenue. Over half of the visitors will leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load, and one in four customers will abandon a too-complicated or lengthy checkout. It all comes down to making the customer experience more straightforward, whether by introducing improvements, removing barriers, or, most likely, by doing a little of both. After that, ensuring consistency across channels is everything.

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Utilize data to establish consistency

Less than half of businesses successfully meet customers’ expectations who interact across numerous channels and demand a consistent omnichannel experience. The problem is frequently caused by data silos, which makes the customer journey less visible. Dismantle data silos to link data from all touchpoints and make these priceless insights available across the entire MarTech stack. Marketers can enhance every facet of the customer experience if they do this correctly. Every customer interaction, regardless of channel, extends the previous experience. According to consumers, this strategy increases customer loyalty because speed, convenience, and friendly service are the key components of a satisfying customer experience.

In order to gain customer loyalty and acquire owned data, marketers must develop a content strategy to get ready for the demise of third-party cookies. Concentrate on producing valuable content that users will interact with and be happy to share.

Utilizing the data, they have gathered, brands should be able to comprehend their target market, fulfill commitments, and gradually enhance the overall customer experience. Making improved CX a priority is never too late to achieve future success. Invest in better methods for understanding the customer through research, data management improvements, or interviews to get a complete picture of the cross-channel user journey. Flashy new tech cannot deliver without the fundamentals.

Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra
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