How Buyer Intent Data Can Get More Customers and Boost Revenue


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Buyer intent data enables marketers to share timely buyer insights. Marketers can drive valuable conversations and increase conversions and revenues by gathering data insights.

Potential customers are constantly on the lookout for business solutions. They are the prospects who are prepared to convert and become customers. Marketers should emphasize using B2B buyer intent data to identify profitable prospects. Such data provides deep insights into the behavior, requirements, and pinpoints of the ready-on-table ICP.

Intent data can be helpful at all stages of the buyer journey. Brands can increase revenue by leveraging insights from various intent data sources.

Ways to use intent data to generate revenue

Buyer Intent Data Brings Ready-to-Buy Customers

Every user has diverse online buying behavior. Such behaviors are distinguished using behavioral signals that uncover their needs.

The data gathered from the elements offers insights into the marketing strategy for the ideal customer profile/persona. As a marketer, this information will help to plan effective advertising campaigns.

Marketers can use the data to turn prospects into customers by creating accurate marketing strategies, such as product or service demonstrations, collateral materials, infographics, and image-driven emailers.

The buyer intent data can help locate current customers’ accounts ready to purchase post-marketing. B2B intent data is mainly collated from website visitors’ data, CRMs, social media data, and content consumption data from online content sources such as blogs, case studies, and product reviews to pinpoint buyer insights. These elements are quick resources to get buyer intent data.

Next comes how buyer intent data helps brands to gain more customers and boost revenue faster. Here are the ways marketers can take into account to proceed with new marketing plans in the next quarter.

Intent Data Enhances the B2B Buyer Journey  

As the B2B buyer journey is in various stages, hidden opportunities that may not be apparent upfront show up. The reason is the inaccuracy of data collected at the time of purchase, and   Intent data can help it.

Intent data provides data information tailored to keywords relevant to businesses. This data targets buying locations of buyers and collects signals of their buying behavior. In such cases, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies can screen the relevancy of data and map billions of relevant and unique online engagements. Also, analytics platforms screen accounts that show buying activities of buyers using the keywords. Such actionable data can reduce buyers’ journey toward conversations and conversions that ultimately results in revenue generation. In totality, buyer intent data identifies prospects from the early stage and prospects ready to purchase immediately.

Intent Data Are Behavioral Indicators

The prospects’ activities on the website or other online content elements are analyzed and compared in time intervals. The insights gained from the activities turn into qualified leads. So, buyer intent data are behavioral indicators that show purchase intents and also indicate the following:

  • High engagement ratios with brands through different channels, such as social media
  • Reviews of products or services
  • Stopping by articles and blogs featured on products and services
  • Exploring product or service pricing pages
  • Frequency ratio of prospects’ website visits and their activities
  • Content consumption like downloading reports, e-books, or other resources

These indicators help marketers spot leads and automate them to align with marketing strategies. The process is faster today with the help of efficient technologies like analytics, automation, and machine learning, which help significantly in data mining, keeping it aligned with the business niche and its objectives.

Customized Lead Generation Messages

Multiple users show interest in a brand. Only because their similar interest doesn’t show their desire to interact or be customers or their buyer journeys are the same with brands. Intent data helps inform brands and marketers about the topics users seek. When marketers are well equipped with the correct data, the data leads to creating customized lead-generation messages for buyers at every stage of the buying journey.

First-party intent data are becoming more active in providing relevant prospects’ information. They even bring prospects much closer to their journey’s consideration and decision-making phases through landing pages and websites. So, by looking at these data forms, marketers can easily create timely customized messages on specific pain points of buyers and offer solutions. Customized lead messages generate buyers’ interest and address the brands for more information on solutions. This way, brands may gather more customers and boost their revenue.

Intent Data Prioritizes Buyers Based on Engagements

Integrating intent data into the automation platform helps prioritize intent buyers closer to purchasing. Marketing teams can use intent data to analyze which prospects are the nearest to collaborate with brands for solutions. The intent buying signals also help in prioritizing potential buyers.

In addition, marketers can use predictive analysis to prioritize prospects in the market ready to buy. As ICP always remain active with marketers, they can put brands before the prospects ready to buy. Marketers can do it effectively through email marketing, content marketing, advertising, PPC campaigns, and direct emails, making it easier for brands to gain more customers.

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Boosts Intent Marketing

Marketing leaders examine intent-based marketing outcomes to determine where to spend time and budget. By analyzing buyers’ intent according to their activities, marketers can strategize faster to reach them. The process allows marketers to use the power of keyword targeting, saving time on the outreach process, creating a streamlined lead generation process, and customized marketing materials, resulting in increased conversions.

Key Takeaway: Evolve Approach to Intent Data

Intent data is not a new concept. However, approaches to identifying buyer intent data are constantly evolving. With advanced marketing technology integrations happening rapidly, it has become critical for marketers to pay heed to improve or advance intent data collection to gain more and more customers and revenue.

Recent changes related to data collection necessitate marketers to leverage buyer intent data software and advanced intent data tools. These tools will help to target the most relevant buyers ready in the overall B2B market. Gaining relevant intent data is crucial today and can be a significant driver of revenue for brands.

Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya is a Senior Editor with Ondot Media, where she covers stories on B2B business technology strategies and corporate technology culture. She is a quality-oriented professional writer with eight years of experience. She has been curating content for the B2B industry, and her writing style is inclined toward how businesses want to perceive information about emerging digital transformations and technology developments in the markketing landscape. Anushree blends the best information on trending marketing technology-driven stories and is proficient in curating information-driven stories about all marketing technology for TalkMarTech publication.


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