How AI Can Streamline Account-Based Marketing


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The main goal of automation and lead management tools is to help marketing and sales teams to collaborate effectively for ABM.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is becoming increasingly popular in B2B. For good reason too. Unlike a scattershot approach, it relies on communication directed at carefully and narrowly defined audience groups.

Account-based Marketing (ABM) includes long-term activities. It heavily emphasizes adapting content to the target audience. It applies to selected accounts and selected individuals within a company.

As a result, it increases pipeline velocity and expands business with existing accounts. ABM involves creating tailored marketing campaigns for a group of high-value clients. It includes a particular target account to improve relationships, increase sales, and maximize ROI.

Significant advancements in data management, audience targeting, and marketing technology have made implementing account-based marketing easier.

Let’s first understand what ABM is and what it does

ABM replaces the conventional “fishing with a net” method with a collaboration strategy between marketing and sales teams. Working together, they identify high-value accounts and VIP customers.

ABM aids marketers in eliminating unqualified reports. After the process, teams can send personalized, pertinent content and streamline workflows with AI-powered tools.

How AI can add value to the ABM  

The most recent B2B marketing buzzword is artificial intelligence (AI). Account-based marketing strategies are successful in part because of Artificial Intelligence tools.

B2B marketing experts claim that ABM strategies can produce conversion rates that are significantly higher than those of traditional marketing.

It can offer a tool that is both more effective and goal-oriented. This will drive a much more tailored customer experience.

By incorporating AI into their ABM strategy, businesses can learn more about the level of engagement of their prospects and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Choose the best fit

Automation platforms provide some of the most sophisticated marketing services.AI can scan all contacts and generate lead scores. It helps identify the accounts with the highest value. The next step is cultivating a unique relationship after finding the best matches.

Individualized content with GenAI

After choosing the best-fit account, marketers need to make client-specific content that addresses their interests, likes, and dislikes. Generative AI tools provide various templates to create appealing content that meets clients’ preferences.

With generative AI, customers visiting the company website will now see a more customized and pertinent landing page.

Enhanced collaboration between sales and marketing

Brands prefer to concentrate on ideal clients and provide them with tailored content. But aligning marketing teams and sales is only one way to ensure a win-win situation. AI tools help develop this personalized, targeted content much faster than before. Using GenAI, the cost of developing this content is much lower.

The main goal of these ABM tools is to ensure the marketing and sales teams can collaborate effectively through automation and lead management.

ABM and AI

Today, ABM is all about hyper-personalization, deliberate marketing investments, and strategic targeting. But with the newest marketing automation tools and AI development, ABM can be an absolute game changer. The account mapping process, which has always been essential to ABM, can be more thorough with AI tools.

They allow a more in-depth profile of the account to be generated. Using data collection tools on past interactions, social media activity, and prospective browsing behavior, allows more targeted information.

Companies can now identify the accounts most likely to convert. These tools can provide insights on ways to approach each account. This is achieved by overlaying predictive analytics algorithms. With this data, AI tools can assist IT companies in creating tailored content for greater customer engagement.

For instance, AI can assist in locating a completely new group of healthcare customers who are having issues with patient management. Companies can modify the information on their websites, emails, placement of advertisements, and other marketing materials.

They can decide what suits the interests and requirements of each account. Tools for generative AI, like ChatGPT and Bard, can create customized content with little effort and time. The combination of AI and data enhances the effectiveness of ABM, manifold. One of the bigger advantages is agility.

Marketers now have access to AI-powered intent-based marketing tools that can analyze billions of data points from the web.

This includes content consumption, search behavior, and social media interactions. These data points can provide important insights into target accounts’ preferences and purchasing intentions.

AI-enabled ABM offers precise targeting, fully automated content marketing, and high-budget effectiveness. B2B businesses can now offer highly specialized and targeted marketing, customized to these customers’ needs and preferences.

Most of the elite marketing technologies today use AI tools. It helps in scalability and delivers agility as well as costs less. Some of the ways that ABM enhances its marketing strategy include the following:


ABM has always prioritized personalization because it enables marketers to connect with prospects on a deeper level.

But, customizing content and messaging for each account individually is time-consuming and expensive. AI can help here. AI-powered personalization tools analyze target data, using machine learning algorithms. they can then produce personalized content and messaging at scale. They can gather information on your prospects’ browsing habits to build a thorough profile of each account.

Tracking social media activity and previous interactions with your brand, they can automatically personalize the content.

For instance, they can show various product options, messaging, and calls to action depending on the account’s industry or stage in the purchasing process.

Developing comprehension and insights

AI can spot trends and patterns in vast amounts of data that humans cannot notice.  Utilizing the power of data analytics is one of the primary advantages of incorporating AI into your ABM strategy.

This allows brands to deliver relevant and timely messaging that personally connects with their target accounts. It also means that you can develop a deeper understanding of your target accounts and their needs.

The intent data platform is one example of how AI is revolutionizing ABM by leveraging the power of data analytics. Using AI to examine billions of web-based data points, it gives a current understanding of your target accounts’ interests and purchasing intentions.

It enables businesses to get important information about the products and topics their target accounts are actively looking for. Then, it is easier to deliver highly targeted and personalized messaging with a deeper impact.

Improving your Ideal Customer Profile

The application of predictive analytics is another way AI is revolutionizing ABM. AI can identify the traits of accounts that are most likely to convert by examining data from previous campaigns. It allows marketers to concentrate their efforts on most likely converted target accounts. This can help optimize funds and resources and guarantee the highest RoI.

This is where predictive analytics tools for AI-powered ABM come into play. ABM platforms use AI to analyze various data sources, including intent data, firmographics, and technographics. This enables then to give businesses a complete picture of their target accounts. Companies can prioritize outreach efforts and adjust their messaging to each account’s needs.

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AI makes ABM processes more efficient by automating tasks like lead generation, scoring, and nurturing. AI handles the tedious work, giving marketers more time to concentrate on higher-level strategy and creative tasks.

It’s like having a group of incredibly effective assistants, who never tire of focusing on the best results. AI tools ensure leads are assigned to the appropriate sales reps quickly and effectively. Businesses can use automation to streamline the lead routing process. Here the assignment of leads based on pre-defined criteria is done. The likelihood of conversion is assured through suitable sales representatives.

If carefully monitored, AI can help both the client and marketer run more efficient campaigns overall. AI can be extensively used in ABM to help accelerate, optimize, and QA in many areas of operation.

It gives time to pay closer attention to smaller details, which ultimately enhances the campaign’s operation and helps generate more revenue. This is true even though every client has unique, intricate needs.

Swapnil Mishra
Swapnil Mishra
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