Essential Marketing Tools in the MarTech Stack


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Modern enterprises cannot sustain sales or marketing or perform without the best marketing technologies in their tech stack.

According to IMARC’s Digital Marketing Software Market Report, The global digital marketing software market size reached USD 77.3 billion in 2023. It is expected that the market will reach USD 255.9 billion by 2032, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% during 2024-2032.

Firms must have the right tools in their MarTech stack to streamline their presales operations and improve efficiency. Without the right marketing tools, presales teams will not be able to get a competitive edge.

CMOs must integrate the best marketing tools, tech, and apps to maximize their operations.

Here are a few essential techs that CMOs can consider integrating into their MarTech stack.

Data Management

Today’s marketplace has become very complex and competitive, making it challenging for companies to get a competitive edge. A few successful marketers have adopted data-driven marketing strategies to improve their operations.

Every business, regardless of size, type, or industry, generates a large amount of data with valuable insights that can improve the entire customer journey. To make the most out of data, firms need the right data management tools in their MarTech stack to gain valuable customer insights.

Companies with effective data management tools in their MarTech stack integrated will have successful presales operations.

Product Management

One essential real-time information firms need in their inventory, and its placement is to help the presales teams make strategic decisions. They must implement tools that offer them a real-time inventory of products across all business locations.

Firms that take this approach will be able to move the stocks as per the demand to reduce the shelf life of the products and create unnecessary wastage.

Product management tools are essential because presales teams are crucial in maintaining a perfect balance between demand and supply.

Finance and Budgeting

Many CMOs find optimizing their MarTech spent challenging, resulting in wasting time, effort, and money. They need effective finance and budget management tools to optimize their expenditures and make the most of their investments.

There are various financial and budgeting tools in the marketplace that CMOs can use to make accurate data-driven financial decisions to improve their overall marketing expense. The best marketing finance and budgeting tools will help them increase their ROI and accomplish their presales goals.

Marketing teams often pay various vendors, freelancers, and other creative professionals. Hence, checking whether it fulfils all the business goals is important while selecting the right tool.

A Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

As the marketing landscape becomes more complex, they need effective customer journeys to enrich their experience. Many firms do not have centralized Revenue Operations (RevOps) teams that unify customer journeys.

Companies with different and misaligned teams cannot achieve the desired business goals. They must centralize the data of the entire presales, sales, and aftersales solution to get a holistic view of their customers.

Implementing a cloud-based CRM software into the MarTech stack will allow them to centralize their customer data and offer the customer a top-notch customer experience. Hence, customer relationship management software is one of the essential tools every business should have in its MarTech stack.

Content Creation and Management

In the era of content marketing, they need to focus on creating relevant and engaging content. CMOs should consider incorporating content creation and management tools into their MarTech stack. This will enable content creation, distribution, and analysis.

These tools can help teams cooperate seamlessly, schedule content releases, and measure the performance of various content across different channels. A well-integrated content management system improves brand image and delivers the right message to the target audience.

Marketing Analytics

They need robust marketing analytics tools to make informed decisions and measure the success of marketing campaigns. These tools can provide useful insights into the performance of various marketing channels, customer behavior, and the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Integrating marketing analytics into the MarTech stack allows marketing teams to optimize strategies. They can allocate resources efficiently and display the impact of their efforts on the company’s bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Personalization

Personalization has become essential to successful marketing strategies as customer expectations grow. They should incorporate AI-driven tools that offer tailored experiences based on customer preferences and behavior.

These tools can analyze extensive data to create content, recommend products, and deliver tailored marketing messages.

AI-powered tools improve customer satisfaction, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

Mobile Marketing Tools

With the rise in the use of mobile devices, firms must focus on mobile marketing. They can use mobile marketing tools to optimize campaigns for mobile platforms. This will help them track mobile user behavior and use mobile-specific channels such as push notifications and SMS marketing.

According to Statista’s Mobile Advertising and Marketing Worldwide Report, In 2022, mobile advertising spending reached a record USD 327 billion worldwide, and according to the latest forecasts, this figure will near USD 400 billion by 2024.

Mobile marketing tools allow them to connect with their audience on the go. This ensures a seamless and tailored experience across devices.

These are a few essential tools that CMOs can consider integrating into their marketing technology stack to improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

With these tools they can create a complete and dynamic marketing ecosystem that addresses different elements of the modern marketing.

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