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Brands are putting customer experience at the center of their business today. With profound expertise in CX strategy blended with robust planning and backed by AI implementation, brands can harness best-in-class customer-focused solutions, drive transformation across the CX journey, and expand their marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is a boon for businesses experimenting with digital marketing efforts and scopes. Brands are becoming interested in learning about the core mechanics of artificial intelligence and how to apply AI to improve consumer engagement and experience. Many giant organizations are already leveraging AI to enhance their customer experience. Leveraging AI may help brands break down communication barriers and automate customer interactions using other technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning. Here are more ways AI can help marketers to enhance customer experience.

Building an Intelligent Experience Platform

While companies leverage AI to boost their customer experience, they must think about the flow of information that customers need, choose the right channel to complete interaction, and fulfill every goal that customers may have from organizations. It is a significant development of the front-end flow of information to customers and a back-end fuel to drive smarter search experiences.

Customer experiences today depend on providing personalized services and intelligent search experiences, such as organizations ranking their services on top when customers search for particular services or product information.

That’s a smarter back-end (coding) and front-end (websites, landing pages) game. Organizations today need to consider such a level to position them amidst the competitive edge. Doing it requires a laser focus on customers’ micro demands that composes the entire customer experience and ensures that CX goals are attained.

Moreover, intelligent customer experience requires combining creativity and insightful designs, using accurate data and design expertise. And merging all with AI algorithms helps speed up accuracy and relevant information to customers on their preferred devices. Implementing AI into search experiences and creatives provides customers with seamless and distinctive experiences with brands and services. AI activates the CX across different channels and connects touchpoints to engage customers wherever possible. Delivering customer experiences with AI helps organizations fulfill customers’ content, offer new ways to consume content, and read their behavior after they receive solutions. This way, organizations can detect customers’ desires and requirements for future interactions with new services or product information.

Connecting Data Signals with Insights

Another way organizations can leverage AI to enhance customer experiences is by constructing a 360-degree observation of each customer with the help of data. For instance, marketers can collect email addresses when customers visit websites, sign up, and use personal information to augment basic customer demographics, thus enabling marketing efforts such as geo-based targeting. AI plays a significant role in extracting lots of data at once and segregating each one according to segments set by marketers.

By taking insights into customers’ activities throughout the website, AI algorithms record data insights and provide analytics to marketers. This data is used to understand intent customers’ activities and target future recommendations accordingly, thus providing a better customer experience each time.

Offer Customer Support with AI-driven Self-Service

AI-powered self-service options, such as chatbots, allow marketers to support customers and address their concerns faster and instantly about products or services. Chatbots empower customers to receive their solutions independently. Brands use AI to respond to basic questions and collect critical customer information. Bots then suggest customers with related and relevant content in the forms of articles, instructional guides, and other resources that they may find helpful.

In addition, AI-powered chatbots empower customers to receive solutions independently even after business hours, and teams can manage their ticket backlog efficiently. Bots operating multiple inquiries lead to faster resolutions and a better customer experience. AI-driven self-service options are in demand to gather customers’ queries and deliver authentic experiences at scale.

Design-led, Data-driven Approach

A study by IBM in Taking a Design-Led, Data-Driven Approach to Experience Transformation, mentions that 60% of CEOs believe delivering better customer experiences is among their highest priorities in the next three years.

Companies face many obstacles in their customer experience transformation journey due to technological complexity, data governance, and organizational misalignment. To overcome these and win in the transformational journey, companies need to make customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategic priorities and unite them with organizational goals to execute. With that said, companies have to push their efforts to gain a competitive edge by delivering exceptional experiences, and that is possible by becoming a more resilient, sustainable, and innovative supply chain for better CX and business growth.

In addition, to meet ever-growing customer expectations, organizations may adopt a design-led approach to CX transformation, which focuses on user experience and business outcomes to generate value while benefiting customers and society. The same study by IBM, Taking a Design-Led, Data-Driven Approach to Experience Transformation, mentions that 82% of design-focused businesses see more revenue generation.

Going Fully Data-driven for CX

Data-driven personalization is the rising approach for brands to improve their customer experience journey backed by AI. Modern AI-based experiences are not only personalized but equally proactive and predictive. Marketers can use data-driven insights to enable more meaningful and real-time experiences. The critical thing to deliver them is that brands need a robust data and AI strategy.

It’s because customers’ interactions with a brand allow marketers to capture more and more data. However, to gain ‘more’ data, they need to be strategic to ensure the right information enters the database, and protecting customers’ sensitive personal data is paramount.

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Another smart way to lead a data-driven strategy for CX is to tackle technology complexity. Managing technology stack complexities will lead to enhance innovations for CX. Brands may struggle to keep up with technology modernization. However, simplifying their technology landscape frees marketers to focus on innovation, growth, and customer experience transformation. The critical aspect here is that addressing technical complexity is essential to deliver better CX, and increasing investments in cloud-based platforms and AI enables more agile CX innovation.

Quick Takeaways

Most C-suites recognize the rising importance of the customer experience with AI. But there are still more plans and less execution. That needs to be changed effectively by implementing AI in innovating customer experience. For that, organizations need an explicit strategy for building an intelligent experience, which can align them toward using AI, personalization, and agile processes to create deeper, more enduring customer experiences.

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