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Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) help collate and integrate customer data into a unified database. It offers insights required to run campaigns. CDP captures data from websites, mobile apps, and email platforms to provide a complete customer view.

As per a recent report by Twilio Segment, “The CDP Report 2023,” 57% of businesses are spending on ineffective tools they do not need. 86% seek tech that offers control and flexibility when communicating with customers.

Marketers must look for a robust CDP solution to prevent overspending and have a flexible tool. An ideal tool must-

  • Offer a complete customer view
  • Collect data from many resources- first, second, and third party
  • Unify customer profiles
  • Enhance targeting for marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with other systems for campaign execution
  • Here are a few CDP tools for marketers.

1. Adobe Real-Time CDP

Real-Time CDP by Adobe gathers B2B data from many systems. It unifies it into real-time profiles that are ready for activation across channels. The tool offers many pre-built and customizable connections to create profiles and activate audiences.

Real-Time CDP also delivers a flexible and configurable data governance framework. It keeps the data secure while offering companies the access they need.

2. Oracle Marketing

Oracle Marketing is a CDP tool that converts data from many channels into a unified profile. Its features include data quality management, A/B testing, lead nurturing, and marketing automation.

The tool helps show a more significant ROI on digital marketing. It helps build customer loyalty through better campaign performance.

It can integrate with applications like Oracle JDeveloper, IBM WebSphere, and Microsoft. NET. But, it has a complex interface while the tool is costly. Furthermore, its needs enhancements in customer support.

3. Segment

Segment helps collect, cleanse, and control data for audience engagement. It is ideal for data collection, integration, and centralization. It also supports audience management and omnichannel messaging.

The tool checks every signal from the used channel and lets marketers transform it into intelligent personalization. It leads to an individually crafted engagement.

It offers companies the foundation to support customer data, putting their fine interest at the core of decisions.

Marketers can receive, unify, and aim customer data into any system with the tool. They can understand their customers more thoroughly. It will help them create smooth, engaging, real-time experiences.

4. CaliberMind

CaliberMind analyzes, cleanses, organizes, and activates the available data. It helps assess funnel leakages. It also helps businesses shorten the sales cycle and know how prospecting techniques work.

5. Bloomreach

Bloomreach allows companies to deliver tailored customer journeys through data collection. It offers AI-driven search and customer engagement.

The tool provides marketing automation, merchandising, and a content management system. It enables companies to create client experiences with a personal touch.

6. Emarsys

Emarsys is an omnichannel CDP tool. It streamlines data from various platforms. It offers AI-optimized data collection and real-time analytics.

It also offers AI-optimized A/B testing and third-party tools integration. Emarsys offers marketing automation, sales intelligence, customer lifecycle management, and analytics.

7. Amperity

Amperity is a CDP for marketing and analytics. It helps transform customer data assisting companies to fuel growth and trust. The tool offers a patented solution with enterprise-grade speed, scale, and security.

8. Totango

Totango is a smart CDP that checks customer information. It also tracks customer health changes allowing companies to take needed sales actions at the right time.

It offers a complete view of the financial data from the tools like Salesforce and Netsuite. It also provides product usage data, survey responses, and satisfaction scores.

Totango offers pre-built journey templates to initiate data management. It readily integrates with applications, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Storage, for a unified customer view.

It offers automated workflows with personalized communication. Other attributes include engagement score, dynamic filter, and customer segmentation. But, it has limited UI customization.

9. ActionIQ

ActionIQ is a CDP platform vendor. It transforms customer data into valuable experiences. It achieves this by managing data governance, costs, and performance.

The tool gathers data from all the sources and unifies it to build a full-view profile. It also segments and implements it in the multichannel outreach.

ActionIQ also monitors it live. It complies with GDPR and CCPA. It helps create new audience attributes with zero ETL mapping. But, it lacks an efficient process and reporting process.

10. Planhat

Planhat offers insights, manages workflows, and drives positive customer experiences. It supports many modern tech companies by providing customer-centric business insights.

This drives customer success and customer lifetime value. Whether marketers work with CSM or the C-suite, they can unify customer data. They can set goals to enhance the customer journey.

11. Insider

Insider enables companies to collect data from all channels to deliver the best customer experience.

The tool has three offerings-

  • It connects using unified profiles and segmentation
  • It predicts by checking online customer interactions
  • And individualizes using built-in AI and ML

It can integrate with other applications and align offline and online customer data. It efficiently individualized cross-channel customer experiences. Insider is GDPR and CCPA complaints.

12. Listrak

Listrak is a CDP that performs behavioral trigger monitoring, cross-channel orchestration, and predictive personalization. It also conducts customer behavior analytics and segmentation. Moreover, it gathers all the collected data in one place.

It allows businesses to track customers’ journeys and send the right messages on any channel. It also uses behavioral triggers and AI insights to maximize customer engagement and revenue.

13. mParticle

mParticle is an AI-based CDP. It helps boost customer loyalty and retention. It creates customer profiles that collect, unify, and synchronize data. It collects data via secure APIs and connects it with the tools.

14. Lytics

Lytics is a CDP platform for digital marketers. It helps in building personalized experiences quickly and easily at scale. It unifies the customer data into one complete profile.

It automates the workflows and sets up real-time tracking of buying signals. Companies can tailor the solutions per buyer persona, industry, or prospecting needs.

15. SAP

With a CDP from SAP, marketers can gather data from across the business to make informed. It helps strengthen customer relationships and maximize revenue.

SAP combines customer data with back-office data and offers the lead’s complete view. It only gathers permission-based data to comply with the data production rules.

It helps establish client trust. SAP offers insight activation, enabling companies to act and react during the decision-making process promptly.

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Companies use CDPs in various ways as per their objectives. Hence, there are many features to look at when choosing a CDP. The tool must offer real-time data, behavioral triggers, analytics and insights, and better integration options.

The tools must be able to update customer profiles and data segments. It lets marketers personalize experiences in real time.

An ideal CDP must build customer profiles as per behaviors across multiple channels. Businesses must find a way to digest customer data insights and engage with them based on the data.

CDP’s most crucial compliance requirements are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Lastly, always check with each vendor and if they integrate the apps and marketing automation platforms that the companies currently use or in the future.

Apoorva Kasam
Apoorva Kasam
Apoorva Kasam is a Global News Correspondent with OnDot Media. She has done her master's in Bioinformatics and has 18 months of experience in clinical and preclinical data management. She is a content-writing enthusiast, and this is her first stint writing articles on business technology. She specializes in marketing technology. Her ideal and digestible writing style displays the current trends, efficiencies, challenges, and relevant mitigation strategies businesses can look forward to. She is looking forward to exploring more technology insights in-depth.


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