AI Reawakening Emails: The Drive from Personalized Content to Analytics


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Whether composing an impeccable email or automating customers’ inboxes with interactive subject lines, AI is redefining emails for marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is producing dynamic content for email marketing purposes. The technology presents endless possibilities for personalizing email content and subject lines and helping marketers deliver emails right into customers’ inboxes at the right time. A.I., becoming a buzzword in marketing, is showing its potential to make emails practical, readable, interactive, and catchy, boosting call-to-action purposes.

Email tasks were once deemed tedious. Now marketers have found new ways for emails to run over by A.I. tools. While all this is not new, A.I. touches every aspect of email communication elements today, which is a new development marketing leaders must address. Email communication elements under A.I. fulfill the journey from content generation, personalization, and intent data to analytics! The drive of these email elements, in combination with A.I., is doing wonders for marketers and marketing leaders. Today, organizations can reach their potential customers’ inboxes with the correct information and encourage them to engage with brands in a shorter time frame.

The A.I. chatbot has been witnessing increasing adoption in emails. A.I. has propelled emails beyond automated responses. Perhaps, this is why more organizations are deploying A.I. tools to enhance emails.

With AI innovations such as ChatGPT, knowledge processing about the technology a brand uses have reached newer heights. ChatGPT is positioned to get the spotlights of marketing leaders soon to speed up email drafting processes. The possibilities are pretty close to see if ChatGPT can be advantageous for email marketing in the future.

Statista report on Email marketing revenue worldwide 2020-2027 states that in 2020, the global market for email marketing was valued at 7.5 billion U.S. dollars. The latest data says that the worldwide email revenue will witness a valuation of 17.9 billion by 2027, an expected CAGR of 13.3 percent.

Seeing the bullish email marketing trend, marketers can tap into myriad data sources to cater messages to customers at the precise time and location by using A.I. tools suitable for business needs. The information on A.I. reinventing emails can help CMOs delve into the core of emails to produce creative and innovative campaigns for the next marketing quarter of 2023.

The Journey from Personalized Content to Analytics of Emails Through AI

Here’s a look at how the journey of A.I. is taking place in personalizing content and providing analytics of how emails work in the entire digital marketing cycle.

Procreative A.I. in Emails

A.I. tools are increasingly assisting in conveying automatic replies with impeccable language. Using A.I., marketers can send instant responses to their customers so that the conversion rate is high and faster. Specific A.I. algorithms and information containing a particular marketing solution or service need to be provided, and the A.I. app will compose the rest of the email. The AI-driven emails are time-saving and well-written, to the point containing the exact information brands need to provide to prospects.

A.I. constantly learns and evolves in language settings, setting a thin line between human-generated and machine-driven emails. The continuous learning process of A.I. is the core reason for generating personalized emails. Personalized emails through A.I. are concise and revolve around how brands deliver services or solutions that prospects look for. That’s partly because most customers use smartphones as their primary or preferred device for reaching emails. So, enterprises are increasingly looking for tools that push personalized emails with more relevant data.

Email Copywriting with AI

Currently, numerous AI-backed tools help marketers create persuasive emails immediately or within a short period. A.I. content generator is increasingly helping in beating writer’s block. The device also offers an interface that lets users create personalized cold emails and copy write. Modern marketers are finding it an efficient assistant for creating impactful marketing copies. The email copywriting landscape is becoming efficient with the integration of A.I. as it touches the right chord of the email genre brands want to develop. As a result, it is scaling the content output for brands by up to ten times and enabling multiple users to collaborate on the interface to generate numerous simultaneous emails. Personalized emails are preferred in marketing since consumers now expect them. Generic and non-personalized emails are skipped today, and if any brand is exercising it, it is necessary to alter the whole process. Such emails are considered spam and are likely to be ignored.

AI Determines Optimal Timings

In the past, marketers relied on data analytics and experimentation and used a common sense approach to determine the time of emails to be sent. But with A.I., it is easy to work on analyzing the best times to send emails for the greatest attention, and that is a crucial part of email marketing today. A.I. has successfully taken the guesswork out of determining the timing and frequency of emails and email campaigns by automatically analyzing various data points to ensure the emails are highly likely to be opened and read by prospects. The algorithms also identify whether marketers should opt for email campaigns weekly or bi-weekly, quarterly, and so on, depending upon the brand’s marketing objectives. This way, marketers may witness comparatively increased engagements and interactions from various demographics.

Email Management with AI

The next part is email management, with A.I. is reinventing emails exponentially. Besides composing flawless emails, A.I. is actively used in email management, providing analytics with in-depth insights into data like click rates, bounce rates, email search, and frequency of emails being sent and approached to users, to name a few.

The AI-enable monitoring applications help marketers to categorize emails based on their content with machine learning. AI-powered text classification tool helps identify patterns and intent of emails that need to be sent to a set of similar customers as per data segregated. After that, how many emails worked with automated replies, open rates, engagement rates, and more are monitored accordingly at scale.

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The Last Part – Predictive Analytics for Emails

A.I. in email marketing ensures it is capitalizing on trends and user preferences. Predictive analytics through A.I. helps send emails at the right time when recipients are more likely to open them. Although, accessing emails is largely subjective as it differs for different customers. But A.I. bridges the gap by predicting consumer behavior toward brands and their marketing efforts.

A.I. and ML help marketers assess customers’ data by defining essential parameters such as demographics, age, job title, business domains, etc. Based on the details fetched, A.I. can automatically create emails and deliver them at opportune times.

With machine learning algorithms, AI predicts when users open emails. This further helps marketers schedule more and more customized emails accordingly. The involvement of A.I. saves a lot of time and cost for companies.

Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya
Anushree Bhattacharya is a Senior Editor with Ondot Media, where she covers stories on B2B business technology strategies and corporate technology culture. She is a quality-oriented professional writer with eight years of experience. She has been curating content for the B2B industry, and her writing style is inclined toward how businesses want to perceive information about emerging digital transformations and technology developments in the markketing landscape. Anushree blends the best information on trending marketing technology-driven stories and is proficient in curating information-driven stories about all marketing technology for TalkMarTech publication.


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